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 I am a 44 year old video game design and 3D artist based in Newark, Currently teaching myself 3D modelling using Blender 3D and level design using Hammer Editor and Unity.

Being both a passionate designer and gamer, I constantly look for new ways to increase my knowledge and ability in design and I am currently teaching myself Unity, Blender, Hammer editor, and other associated programs in order to have a greater skills base, allowing me a greater chance of gaining employment within the industry.

I have been fortunate enough in the past to be chosen for a student placement at DR Studios in Milton Keynes, where I had the privilege of working with some of the industry most creative and knowledgeable people. Whilst there, I worked on two live titles, 'Dragons Den: The Official Game' and 'BugWings' a "Cutesy cartoon, physics based title" where my biggest achievement was to design and implement 18 of the 24 levels for the game. I also gained invaluable experience in producing; high quality pitch documents, student help documents, competitive analysis and IP research.

I was also fortunate to work at "Double11 studios" for 3 months on placement, where amongst other projects I worked on Little Big Planet for the Sony Vita in a QA capacity, I wrote several 40 word pitch documents and side by side with an artist created a striking yet simple pitch.

Moving forward I am looking for my first roll in a studio as a junior designer, QA tester or web designer and hope to put my passion and skills to effect while working again on live titles or live sites in a studio environment.

Please feel free to contact me or leave me any comments via the contact form.




Game design




BugWings was the first live title I worked on whilst at DR Studio, and later became my first credited title when it was released on iPhone and iPad.

For the design of the levels I went back to basics and sketched each level out on paper to get a feel for the flow, before building each level using the DR in house engine.

Once each level had its basic design I then went on to populate the levels with the other in game assets, trying all the time to keep a natural feel to the game, steering away from sharp corners and obvious straight lines. On completing each level, I would then tweak any issues while play testing and fault finding, this in turn enabled me to see the game from the players point of view and see where, and if, I would need to move any assets or redesign any parts of the levels.


Dragons Den was another title I worked on whilst at DR Studio but entirely as a QA tester.

I play tested the game and would have to report any findings to the lead designer. 

QA started with the main menu UI and then moved on to the game mechanics itself essentially looking for parts of the game that didn't  work correctly, on finding a fault I would document the bug and report it back to ether the lead designer or programming lead depending the specific bug.

Bugs where then rectified then the testing process would start again to ensure the bug was corrected.

I learned a lot for this QA cycle, and this knowledge has helped me with my own designs and projects 




Conveyor Chaos is my first "homemade" title using a combination of both Blender for the modelling and Unity 3D for the game design.

Although very much a "work in progress" I have learned so much already and as you can see from the two videos I have started to put that work and knowledge into practice.

Everything from the 3D models to the scripting, asset placement, menus and UI are completely from scratch the only third party model is the character. 









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